About us

About us

Nebu Trade Kft. is a second-generation family business in Hungarian ownership. We have been engaged in glue manufacturing since the company’s establishment in 1983, and we are also well-known thanks to our school supplies brand Nebulo. We manufacture our universal glues and adhesive gum at our site in Nagytarcsa. Beyond glues, we have been the manufacturer of the inhaler nasal stick called Nózi since our foundation.

We believe that the experience of creating and the encouragement of creativity is extremely important for the development of a child. Our goal is to support this process by providing affordable, quality and child-friendly products that give children the joy of creating. That is why we started to move in the direction of developing our Nebulo brand, previously known for its glues, into a school supplies brand after our generational shift in 2011.

Today, Nebulo has developed into a school supplies brand that offers nearly 200 items, including a number of colouring products, plasticines, scissors, erasers, and pencil cases, as well as glues.

Beside the continuous expansion of our product range, we have also taken an important step forward in developing our export activity over recent years. Today, Nebulo products are available in Slovakia, Poland and Romania. We also supply export markets with our products prepared in Hungary (glues and inhaler nasal stick) in contract manufacturing.

We are strongly committed to continuously strengthening our export activity:

  • we will significantly increase the volume of our contract manufacturing (glues and inhaler nasal stick), since our manufacturing capacity is fit for this purpose;
  • we intend to strengthen the Nebulo brand in our already existing export markets, as well as to introduce and build it up in other European countries.

What can we offer our future export partners?

  • products of excellent quality at a competitive price;
  • precise adherence to deadlines;
  • since we believe in long-term partnerships, we intend to support the business success of our partners with our products and client-centred approach;
  • we are capable of manufacturing universal school glues, adhesive gum and inhaler nasal sticks as private label products;
  • special, unique conditions for the distribution of Nebulo products that support market introduction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a reliable supply partner for manufacturing, or would like to introduce a new school supplies brand in your own country.

Our history

The beginning – 1983

The beginning of our story dates back nearly four decades to when Miklós Lőrincz, a chemical engineer, started to manufacture Hungary’s first solvent-free school paper glue and the Nózi inhaler nasal stick.

Introduction of packaging with a spreading head – 1986

The first innovative liquid glue sold in a tube with a spreading head was introduced. The product was unique on the Hungarian market at the time. Its design with spreading head enabled the user to apply the glue easily and precisely even on larger surfaces. The new packaging also helped toddlers to stick things together without smudging the glue.

Manufacturing development – 1996

We purchased an injection and blow molding machine, with which we became able to manufacture the plastic packaging elements for the glues on our own.

Own manufacturing unit – 2004

Another turning point in our history arrived when we had the chance to move from the basement of a family house to our own manufacturing site. The new site made it possible for our business to manufacture and store more products.

Generational shift – 2011

Our founder, Dr. Miklós Lőrincz, decided to retire. In order to ensure our future, he passed on the business to his sons, who established Nebu-Chem Kft. This new business continued to manufacture products of excellent quality.

New manufacturing site, new machinery – 2018

The continuous development of our business called for the building of a new manufacturing site. In 2018 the company moved into a new building adapted to its needs in Nagytarcsa, where all conditions were in place for modern manufacturing and storage. A new packaging manufacturing machine and a glue filling machine were also set up at the new site, along with an adhesive gum manufacturing line.

Start of export activity – 2019

We participated in the Paperworld international trade fair in Frankfurt with Nebulo for the first time. Our goal was to introduce the Nebulo brand, and to launch our corresponding export activity. Following the exhibition, we started to distribute our products in Poland, adding to our existing exports to Slovakia.

Appearance of stationary and new brand name - 2021

Due to the product developments in 2020, the new stationary products of Nebulo became available for the school season of 2021, such as the notebooks designed for elementary school students (BASIC+), the Nebulo design notebooks (A5 and A4) created by Hungarian designer girls, and writing papers, drawing papers, sketchbooks also contribute to our product range. This year, we introduced a reusable bottle brand which is completely new in Hungary, named WABO. Among the WABO products, there are reusable bottles for children of all ages, as well as for adults, designed to use when doing sports, traveling or working at home/in the office.