Nebuloworld Piggy is Nebulo’s new star

Nebuloworld Piggy is Nebulo’s new star

A new colleague was welcomed at our company’s headquarters. Let us introduce Nebuloworld Piggy.

Nebuloworld Piggy is Nebulo’s new star

He was born in the summer of 2020: Nebuloworld Piggy. 

His arrival was preceded by months of waiting. Hustle and bustle, product developments, product testing and many related tasks waited for us, which placed somw weight on our shoulders. We admit that we were very happy when we finally held Piggy in our hands.

Piggy, besides being a very nice little pet, also has a lot of good qualities.

Let’s see these in detail:

- he can hold a lot of pencils, as he is a pencil case
- his need for space is always changing, when he is tired he shrinks like an accordion
- he is made of soft, silky silicone, so he can be cleaned easily when taking a bath
- last but not least, he is a great playmate


Piggy has already made some new friends, a bear and a koala, and they also have a lot of supplies

Find out more about Piggy and his mates here, and about their supplies here :) 

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