Pastel-coloured plasticines have arrived!

Pastel-coloured plasticines have arrived!

After our popular pastel products, the pastel plasticine set has arrived!

Pastel-coloured plasticines have arrived!

Pastel colours are popular because of their subtle, calming style in almost all areas of use, such as painting, drawing and home decor.  Their most useful feature is that if they are all approximately the same lightness, they always look good together. Pastels are infinitely versatile.

Pastel colours are families of colours which are low or medium saturation, and which are usually called light, washed, neutral or calming. The most common pastel colours are light pink, yellow, blue, green and lavender. The colours represent neutrality, they are peaceful and soft.

Beside Nebulo’s very popular pastel-coloured pencils, the pastel-coloured plasticine soon became the favourite of customers too :), because:

- it is an easily mouldable, 200 gram plasticine set in fashionable pastel colours
- it does not contain any unhealthy substances
- the set has 12 pastel-coloured plasticine bars

Look, how pretty :)

More information can be found here!